Through and Through Gospel Review Is a Slice of Phoenix Gospel

Following in the footsteps of his pastor father, Joel Marquard, of Dear and the Headlights fame, decided to record a gospel album in his late 20s. Marquard's father was responsible for picking out the hymns and songs for each service at their church and now his own 12-piece traditional gospel project Through and Through Gosep Review, are going to be releasing their first ever vinyl at the Musical Instrument Museum on Friday, April 10.

"My dad did it [recorded in a gospel record] in his late 20s, and I thought it would be cool to do that, too," says Marquard. "I just like the music."

While Marquard's belief in the content of the music may be murky at best, he seems to have a real belief in the uplifting energy of the music. Even though Marquard doesn't think he is the best musician in the world he still finds the music therapeutic.

"The other day I worked 12 hours and then I had band practice and I was in the worst mood. I got to practice and we started, and I was just super happy after hearing it all come together. It is just something really special," says Marquard. " It's insanely stressful with 12 people to coordinate practice and everything. But when it comes together it's kinda magical; hearing that many people harmonize at once is really amazing."

The songs that Marquard writes are definitely spectacular, but without the collaboration of his huge band they really wouldn't come out the same. He's working with some real local standouts, including Bob Hoag and David Maroney just to name a few, and it's that collaboration that Marquard needs to really make the project shine.

"Basically when I get to practice we kind of will figure out the songs. I usually have no memory of how I played because when I record I will write the song, learn how to play it, hit record, and hope it goes well. I pretty much forget everything," says Marquard.

It's at practice that his tremendously talented bandmates work out the huge amount of vocal harmonies that go into making Through and Through happen. But it seems as though that's how Marquard wants it. He said that more than a musician, singer, or performer, he sees himself as a songwriter first and foremost.

Through and Through Gospel Review will be releasing their new record On The Lord's Wrecking Crew in joint release through President Gator and Common Wall Records. Joining them at the MIM will be Prowling Kind side project MRCH and Field Tripp, tickets are $12.50.

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Jeff Moses
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