Tranzit Screens His Chronicles of a DJ Documentary Tonight at Cream Stereo Lounge

Few DJs in the Valley pimp themselves as hard as Tranzit.  Every time the award-winning house mixmaster has an event to promote, my cell phone, Facebook, and e-mail seem to blow up with announcements aplenty from the dude.

This week was no exception, as the 29-year-old has been promoting tonight's edition of Giant Wednesdays at Cream Stereo Lounge in Scottsdale. In addition to sessions by Tranzit and his friends Michael James and Alkeme, the night will features a screening of Chronicles of a DJ. a series of 10-minute travelogues which documents his journeys throughout the world. Tranzit's hoping to follow in the footsteps of such house music legends as Donald Glaude and Paul Oakenfold and become a globe-hopping turntablist working gigs from Scottsdale to Scotland.

Episode one debuts tonight and contains footage from his trip to the Middle East to spin at the annual Embassy of Sound party in Kuwait City. What else will you see besides video of drunken desert revelry? Tranzit gives us the lowdown after the break.

New Times: What do these documentary cover?

Tranzit: Basically it's like a travel show/music video/documentary. I've been trying to film all my travels as far as DJing is concerned, and I've noticed that a lot of DJ-related videos you see online are kinda lame. It's usually just them in the booth or DJing for a crowd. I didn't want to be redundant, so what I'm doing is putting together something that's like Anthony Bourdain-meet-Survivorman mixed with a music video kinda thing.

NT: So it will feature more than just footage you and a laptop?

Tranzit: Yeah, it really dives into each city where I've been playing at -- the food, the culture, the people, the scene. The first episode is Kuwait City, the second is in Egypt, and then all the other bookings I've gotten around the world this year will be filmed.

NT: And any misadventues along the way?

Tranzit: Exactly. All the antics you'd see on a reality show. The first one plays things straight and is more of a Travel Channel thing, but as we get deeper into the episodes, we'll start to get more into the antics.

NT: Where did you spin at in Kuwait City?

Tranzit: I got invited to perform at the British embassy, so it kinda documents that whole experience with a little bit of everything. I've also got an interview with another DJ that was part of the event, Dave James from the UK.

Giant Wednesdays starts at 9 p.m. with a $5 cover. Call 602-222-9922 or click here for more info.

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