Trunk Space: 20 Favorite Shows From the Last Decade

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French Quarter I am sure others will tell the glory of the last Asleep in the Sea show, Treasure Mammal, Ajj, Kimya, which were all beautiful experiences, I remember an early French Quarter show, where Stephen Steinbrink played a song I had never heard before, and I couldn't help but cry. -- Teague Cullen

Screaming Females - 9/6/10

Screaming Females, henceforth Screamales, busted into raging party anthem "Laura and Marty" from their new LP Castle Talk. Paternoster mentioned the record, and said, with a meekness completely foreign to her music, "It's yellow and it has a pony on it." The song kicks in with bleeding, crunchy guitars with Paternoster snarling. It wasn't long before one of her '70s arena rock-style solos demanded all eyes on her tiny hands speeding through the breakdown. They got our attention, and held it with "Bell," one of the stickiest tracks from the band's 2009 breakthrough record Power Move. Paternoster's voice was alternately shrill scream and growling Casanova; Patti Smith's readiness to explode and Mick Jagger's bratty sneer.

The trio delved into some lesser-known tracks like "Baby Jesus," from release Baby Teeth back in 2006, in which Paternoster tapped into a Slits-like islander jangled groove, and melody shaking, gruff yeller "Theme Song," from What If Someone Is Watching Their T.V.? Last night's set varied from gentle rockers to boiling scream-alongs (don't miss the full setlist below), and closed with the new single "I Don't Mind It." -- Becky Bartkowski

The Roast of Brodie Foster Hubbard

The most memorable show I played was my last while I was still living in Phoenix. It was my going away party, which started with a very embarrassing and profane roast, lots of different musicians and comedians from Phoenix saying really horrible things about me (but also some nice stuff). There were also performances by Alexis and Carissa (two sisters, the oldest of which went on the play in The Cigs) and Andrew Jackson Jihad. I wrapped up with my set, and got carried out on people's shoulders while they chanted my name. This is literally the dream, right? Of course, then they threw me on top of a closed dumpster - but at least it wasn't open! -- Brodie Foster Hubbard

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