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Unskinny Bop, Local Poison Tribute Band, To Appear in John Cusack Flick

We thought enough of local Poison tribute band Unskinny Bop to give them a Best Of Phoenix award last year. John Cusack apparently thinks enough of them that they're slated to appear in his new flick Hot Tub Time Machine, which is filming in Canada right now. The band's drummer, Tony, (aka Rikki Rockett) writes us: "[S]omebody at MGM United Artists found the article and asked us to be in an upcoming movie with John Cusack. Our contracts are signed and we are heading to Vancouver this Thursday. Our role? We are playing the part of Poison 1986."

Hot Tub Time Machine sees Cusack, world class weirdo Crispin Glover, and others accidentally traveling back in time to their glory days after a long night of Red Bull and vodkas. Presumably, the pals run in to Poison and Cusack berates them for not being like Belle and Sebastian.

Look for the film in February or drop by Unskinny Bop's MySpace to hear their spot-on version of "Talk Dirty To Me" right now.

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Martin Cizmar
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