Want Artist James B. Hunt to Make a Painting Inspired by Your Band's Music?

Galleries aren't for every artist. For NXOEED, better known as James B. Hunt, he'd prefer to reveal his art out in the open by hiding his deranged paintings where anyone can stumble upon them. Hopefully, it's you. He posts clues on his website of the alleys, ditches, trash cans, sewers and other bung holes he shoves his paintings into. But for his latest scavenger hunt, he decided to do 100 paintings inspired by 100 bands, both local and otherwise. Each painting will be hidden along with some of the band in question's music.

Just a few highlights include Playboy Manbaby, Fairy Bones, Kongos, Dry River Yacht Club, The Smothers Fuckers, Field Tripp, Captain Squeegee, decker. and approximately 92 others. At last count, NXOEED had 15 of the paintings finished and 65 bands confirmed -- naturally, he needs some folks to submit their albums. The hunt begins 7 p.m. on First Friday, October 3rd. Send your music to contact@jamesbhunt.com.

Up On The Sun: So how did you get this idea? NXOEED: Basically, it was while I was in the middle of another art hunt. It occurred to me that I haven't been seeing as many of my band friends lately, with the closing of so many Tempe venues at once. I missed them, so I thought it might be nice to work with them. It grew from there.

What's your favorite band? My favorite band on earth is a tie between Psychic TV and Current 93. Of the actual confirmed bands, probably 80*D and Fake Snake.

Have you tried to contact your two all-time favs? I contacted Genesis P-Orridge of Psychic TV, but have yet to get a response. I have yet to contact David Tibet of Current 93. He was a pen pal of mine some years back. I don't want to write him out of the blue and be like, "remember me from 10 years ago? How about donating an album?" I need to work up the courage for that. He's my hero.

Fish around for Troy Farah in the Tweet swamp.

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