Watch Futuristic and Jakob Owens Rip O.T. Genasis' "CoCo"

O.T. Genasis' "CoCo" is one of those songs that blows up, and no one really knows why. It's a somewhat repetitive beat with a dumbed-down chorus that somehow worms its way into your ear a takes up permanent residence. For every song like "CoCo" that makes it big, there are a dozen trying the same formula of shouted slogans and rote repetition, and they go nowhere.

Enter Futuristic and Jakob Owens, two McClintock High School grads (Owens graduated from Arizona State University as well). Futuristic is one of the latest successful musicians to make the Phoenix-to-L.A. move, and Owens has shot almost, if not all, of Futuristic's music videos, including "I Guess I'll Smoke." (When New Times wrote about the song's video in late June, it had been viewed just over 1 million times. Now, the view count sits a hair under 2.4 million.)

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The two are now roommates in Los Angeles, and they've jumped on the bandwagon making fun of the goofy original, producing a parody song and video.

Whereas in the original song, "CoCo" refers to cocaine, Futuristic and Owens' track refers to chocolate, even throwing in a cocoa butter reference for good measure. The track starts out fairly straight, with Futuristic aping the Genasis' cadence and rhythm, but then Futuristic breaks into a verse in his trademark, quick-spitting style.

Now, the interesting part of this isn't the parody itself. In fact, a rapper called 99 Percent did the chocolate-for-cocaine thing about two weeks ago, and that video already has almost 200,000 views. No, the interesting part of this is Owens' part of the song, where he reveals that he was approached to do the music video for Genasis, which he declined. He then watched from the sidelines as the song went viral, and O.T. Genasis got all sorts of major media attention. As to why he didn't take the gig? He addresses it in the song:

"And I could've shot the video / Then I heard the song and said it was too shitty, though."

Is this the beginning of beef between the locals-done-good and Busta Rhymes-backed Genasis? We'll see. For now, check out the video; it's entertaining, especially if you can't stand the original.

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