Worst of Coachella 2015, Weekend 2

We love you, Coachella, but sometimes you bring us down. Here were the biggest bummers of weekend two.

The Lack of Enthusiasm at the Entrance

Walking into the venue around 2 p.m. on Friday, Coachella staffers were attempting to engage with the strings of attendees filtering through the security gates. But the staff's exuberant cries of ,"What's up, Coachella!" were met with awkward half-laughs and eye rolls, and not a single flower-crowned party girl or fanny-packed festival-goer could muster a response. Granted, it's blistering under the Indio midday sun, but a little reciprocation and enthusiasm would be nice. Props to the staffers who were more excited to be there than the actual ticket holders. -- Heidi Darby

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