Yoshi's Island

"Dude, I got the awesomest idea for our rave on Saturday, January 6!"


"We should call it Yoshi's Island."

"Don'tcha think that's kinda ghey?"

"Naw, everyone played Super Mario Bros. back in the day and will dig it. We can call our drum 'n' bass stage 'Bowser's Dungeon' and give a $3 discount to anyone dressed as a character from the game."

"Which DJs are we gonna book?"

"Fuck, I blew all my cash on a Wii last month, so I guess we'll stick with locals like Pac-D, Nappe, Matthew Harris, Ikon, DFT, and happy hardcore folks like Starr, Sixx, and Matt Dunn."

"Since we're broke, maybe we should charge $10 pre-sale, $15 at the door before midnight, and $20 afterwards."

"Yeah, that should cover the cost of renting out some broken-down industrial space. Can we use your pager number, 602-810-2630, for the info line, fool?"

"Sure, but don'tcha think Nintendo will come after us?"

"Naw, they're too busy getting sued by all those peeps with broken TVs and black eyes from the Wiimotes."

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