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You Asked For It: Bomber

Title: The Last Stand, the band's first full-length.

Basics: The band, a classic mix of hard rock and punk influences, recently had their song "Game Face" named as the Phoenix Coyotes' home intro song, an honor their song "Superblinded" previously held.

Despite their prominent place in the Jobing.com Arena playlist, "arena rock" these guys ain't. But it hardly surprises me that their raucous anthems are chosen to rile up hockey crowds out in Glendale. The band exemplifies quick, thumping drumming and brash, loud, often unintelligible vocals to create their unique hard rock, elemental punk sound.

Best Song: I will have to agree with the Coyotes on this one and go with "Game Face." In spite of choosing a cliché song title (at least it wasn't a cheesy oxymoron this time), the band makes it work. The air-raid siren to open the song is a bit much, but what follows more than makes up for it. It's a fantastic mix of metal riffs, Sepultura-esque vocals with a punk chant of "hey! hey! hey!" thrown in there for good measure. How could you not get all riled up waiting for the puck to drop while this song blares? Lead singer Quick also manages to soften/deepen his singing style for the chorus, adding another layer to this song. Just don't make Bobby Knight listen to it (he doesn't take kindly to the cliché of "game face"  -- skip to the 2:43 mark).

Worst Song: The funky little curveball "Fed Up" tries way too hard to be a traditional two-minute punk song. While the band does a good job incorporating elements of punk into their music, it still comes off as more hard rock/metal than anything. The song is loud, quick and brash -- but the band is far too talented and melodic to have to resort to quick, sloppy punk songs.

Suggested Changes: Nearly every song on the album seems to start off with some slow-building sound -- perhaps its an air-raid siren or the sound of helicopters soaring overhead. That idea was the most edgy/unique -- if it ever was -- circa 1992, so employing it nowadays isn't the most groundbreaking idea. In fact, it's pretty corny. Just start your song off with some drums or a guitar riff, boys.

Grade: B-

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