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You Asked For It: The Other 49

Title: A Cold Open, a 7-song EP.

Basics: The debut EP from "epic indie rock" act The Other 49 has a sound akin to Explosions In The Sky and is one of the more professional sounding releases I've reviewed for You Asked For It

Its pretty standard fare, but at least the trio manages to make it sound polished. It feels worthwhile -- not like a convoluted collection of songs recorded so the band has something to hand out to their friends. The EP is also available for a free download at the band's official website.

Best Song: "Under The Lights" showcases the grandiose sound the band is hoping to create. Pictures of the smoke trail from a recently launched rocket and the surface of the sun complement the both the disc itself and the band's website -- showing just what imagery The Other 49 wants you to have in your head as you listen to their carefully arranged prog/indie rock. The track sets the tone perfectly, blending well with the instrumental opener "Crooks & Cowards P. 1."

Worst Song: "The Pledge." As the fifth song on the EP, it ends up seeming too sluggish. When I first listened to this song, I had to take a break from the EP and listen to something else to refresh my senses -- the rest of the record had lulled me into a state inattentive listening. While sometimes this effortless sound may be a good thing, in The Other 49's case, it was not. Everything seemed to just run together in a mash of over-the-top, gaze-to-the-sky indie rock.

Suggested Changes: A shift of tempo every once in a while. While the sound the band is going for dictates a slow-as-molasses buildup to every chorus, a song that perhaps opens fast and gradually slows down might keep listeners entertained. Having to hear the same instrumental, slow-building lead-up to the first verse drove me insane after awhile.

Grade: B-

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