10 Dumbest Things People Have Tried to Bring on Planes in Phoenix

There are always people who don't seem to understand the concept that there are regulations about what you can and cannot bring on an airplane.

For example, in 2013, TSA agents at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix confiscated 65 guns. But people try to bring on more than just guns. Check out our picks for the 10 dumbest things people have tried to bring on a plane at Sky Harbor, which were caught by TSA agents:

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10.) An al-Qaeda Retiree

This wasn't an attempt to bring anything on the plane, but it was monumentally stupid. From the TSA blog: "A family member escorting a passenger at Phoenix (PHX) approached and Officer and stated 'I am a former Al Qaeda individual escorting a family member to her flight.'"

Oh, you're just dropping off your grandmother? Go right ahead, Mr. Bin Laden!

Safe to say the guy wasn't actually in al-Qaeda.

9.) A Bad Joke About a Bomb

From the TSA blog: "A passenger was having their bag searched at Phoenix (PHX) when they decided to tell our Officer: 'There is a bomb in my bag!'" Brilliant.

8.) Hairbrush Dagger

Stylish, yet stabby.

7.) Soda

The problem was what the passenger told TSA agents after they told him he couldn't bring his two cans of soda on the plane. " . . . a Phoenix (PHX) passenger told the officer that each soda can had a 30-second detonator inside of it. There were no detonators in the cans," according to TSA's website.

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