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10 Most Underrated Aspects of Living in Phoenix

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Sometimes, it can be easy to lose sight of why living in Phoenix is better than living in so many other cities.

With that, check out our picks for the 10 most underrated aspects of living in Phoenix:

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10.) Medical Marijuana

Yeah, a couple of states are going with full legalization, but don't forget, most states don't have a medical marijuana program.

9.) Grid System/Traffic

We all complain about traffic. The truth is, Phoenix has the lightest traffic of any big city in America. And the grid system, well, no one complains about that -- it makes life a lot easier.

8.) Random Acts of Frank Lloyd Wright

There aren't too many places where you can find yourself randomly driving past works of Frank Lloyd Wright (Chicago is another such place). His works around the Phoenix area include the Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium, the First Christian Church, the Scottsdale Spire, a spattering of homes, and, of course, Taliesin West. What's more is the stuff around Phoenix that Wright inspired, including the Arizona Biltmore, as well as things built by some of his apprentices. You might never guess that things like some of the houses that used to occupy ASU's frat row were designed by Wright apprentices.

7.) Guns

For those who like guns, Arizona has some of the least-restrictive gun laws in the nation. Arizona's one of very few states that has a "Constitutional Carry" laws, meaning people over the age of 21 don't need a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

6.) Casinos

Some states don't have casinos. Some states don't have full casinos. Some states only have casinos on riverboats. Some states only have casinos on Indian land, which are nowhere near civilization. The ones in the Phoenix area are also on Indian land, but also pretty conveniently located.

5.) Consistent Weather

Sure, it gets hot, but at least the weather's consistent. Really, 95 percent of the time, you can look at the calendar, then look outside, and be your own weatherman. The same can't be said about places like Miami.

4.) Teams From All Four Sports

Only 12 cities in the United States have pro sports teams from the four major sports, and Phoenix is one of 'em. Add in spring training, Phoenix International Raceway, a golf tournament, and the occasional Super Bowl, and the Phoenix area is looking like a good spot for sports fans.

3.) Driver's Licenses

Nothing lasts forever, but an Arizona driver's license almost lasts forever -- you don't need to get it renewed until you're 65 years old.

2.) Unique Names

Thirty-seven U.S. states have a "Greenville." Not Arizona. Thirty have a "Franklin." Not Arizona. Springfield? Nope. The people who named stuff around Phoenix, and the rest of the state were pretty creative (or spoke a different language, really). All of the names around here, from "Phoenix" to "Tohono O'odham," are way better than the names in other places. Even the weather (think "haboobs") gets a little weird.

1.) The Part About Being in a Desert

It's easy to forget this sometimes. Driving on the 101, you'll realize you can see the Four Peaks. Or if you work in Phoenix and live in Ahwatukee, realize that you literally have to drive around a large mountain to get to and from work every day. Or realize that people in other places don't have cacti in their front yard. Sometimes we take it for granted, but it's damn cool.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.