10 Other Animals Uber Should Deliver to Your Office

In honor of National Cat Day, Uber brought kittens to dozens of offices throughout Phoenix to help employees with everyday office tasks: shredding paper, sorting strings, being pawsitive. 

Considering all the ways kittens can help around the office got us thinking about other little critters we wouldn't mind dropping by...

So Uber, we're requesting these animals on your next office delivery day:

10. Elephant
Toss out your day planner, this guy can remember all the irrelephant details of your busy schedule.

9. Capuchin Monkey
Ever heard coworkers complaining about how a monkey could do their job? Here you go.

8. Beaver
Fresh out of college, this gal is willing to cut her teeth at any entry position. (Fetching coffee? Sorting the mail? She doesn't give a dam.)

7. Vulture
Willing to work overtime, this scavenger will pick up the slack (and anything else you leave behind).

6. Koala
This little fellow may not be as koalified as some of your other applicants, but who can say no to this face?

5. Hyena
With this lady around, you don't have to worry about pretending to laugh at your boss' jokes…She'll take one for the team.

4. Octopus
Best multi-tasker out there. (Plus, who do you know who can type more than 300 words per minute?)

3. Carrier Pigeon
He has one job, and one job only.

2. Panda
With the focusing skills of a ninja, this girl can work through any office pandamonium .

1. Scorpions
Calling all law enforcement departments: This little dude is happy to lend a hand, er, claw to any sting operation.

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