10 Questions Andrew Thomas, GOP Candidate for Governor, Won't Answer

Thomas has nearly as many skeletons in his closet as the Catacombs of Paris, and he's hoping if he can just keep yammering about "illegals" and "the gay lobby," he'll avoid having to talk about them.

Thomas isn't considered likely to win even the Republican primary, despite the crowded field of six GOP candidates.

But we'd like the disbarred Republican candidate for Arizona governor -- and his potentially voting public -- to take a moment to reflect on Thomas' past, especially as it relates to the remote possibility of him winning an election.

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We could speculate on why he refuses to answer the questions. He's spineless. He doesn't like New Times. He knows the answers to these questions would make him look worse to voters than he already does.

But all we can tell you for sure is that we emailed these questions to Thomas on Thursday, and as of Wednesday morning he's blown us off.

So, here are the 10 questions that Andrew Thomas would not answer:

10. When are you going to pay your fair share of the $101,294 in restitution costs for your disciplinary proceedings -- or do you plan to let Lisa Aubuchon and Rachel Alexander do the hard work for you of either paying the costs or fighting the costs with their new lawsuit?

9. Comments that surfaced in emails from your former lawyer, Robert Driscoll, revealed that Driscoll called the 2009 anti-county RICO suit "an excuse for a noontime scotch" and "freaking thin" -- why do you think he would say that, and in retrospect, what do you think were its strongest elements?

8. Will you and Sheila Polk ever make up after her "totalitarianism" criticism of you, especially considering you two are probably in agreement on the state's medical-marijuana law?

7. How do you think your "Patton Line" will affect commerce in Arizona, if fully implemented?

6. Explain why you think SB1062 would have been good for the state, even if it had resulted in discrimination against gay people.

5. If elected governor, do you plan on retaliating in any way or re-opening investigations like the court-tower conspiracy theory, or do you plan to live in peace with all the people you perceive to have wronged you?

4. How much trust did you place in David Hendershott -- who called you an "idiot" -- during your county days, and can you compare that to how much trust you should have placed in him?

3. The disciplinary panel likened your partnership with Joe Arpaio to an "unholy collaboration" -- is there any chance you and Arpaio will be collaborating again, either in holy or unholy style?

2. Do your Hispanic wife and family members share your views, tactics, former alliance with Arpaio and proposed ideas to "stop" illegal immigration, and if not, do you have lively debates around the dinner table?

1. How have you been making a living since the disbarment?

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