10 Things Not to Do With a Cactus (Videos)

10 Things Not to Do With a Cactus (Videos)

Cacti are hard to resist, we get it. So fluffy, smooth, almost cuddly. How could you not want to embrace a giant saguaro or roll around in jumping cholla?

Here are 10 people who clearly didn't get the memo that cacti are dangerous buggers and got injured. "Injured Bad."

10. Pro tip: Just. Don't. Do. This.

9. These pricks
(apologies, the pun had to be made....)

8. He crashed his ATV into a cactus, you won't believe what happened next!! (Spoiler alert: you will)

7. Apparently she walked into a cactus? (warning, don't watch if squeamish)

6. Have you nothing better to do with your free time, sir? Seriously?!

5. We'd love to see the ER doctor's face when this guy explains what happened.

4. "Like, if I try to touch this with my finger, it's gonna stick to my finger . . . ahh, ehhh, uhhh" (whimpers uncontrollably) 

3. Apparently even adventure travel show hosts aren't safe from the cactus' thorny wrath.

2. "And I'm thinking to myself, 'Why do people always seem to be naked when they fall on a cactus?'" —ER doctor

1. Man vs. Cactus. Guess who wins?

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