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30 List Ideas That Somehow Didn't Make It Past Phoenix New Times Editors

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It's probably safe to say that 2015 was the year of the listicle — for those not in the know, list + article = listicle.

From the top 10 times John McCain was mocked on late night TV to the 10 biggest revelations in Joe Arpaio's contempt trial, we've covered it all. 

Well, almost... 

Sadly, not all of our listicle suggestions were approved by New Times' editors.

Case in point, these 30 ideas:

1) Top 1,000 Places to Score a Gun in Phoenix, No Questions Asked

2) Top 10 All-Night Diners for After You're Bailed Out

3) Top 1 Bookstore in Phoenix

4) Top 300 Filibertos in the Valley

5) Top 50 Places to See Tweakers in Their Habitat

6) Top 10 Nightclubs for STDs in Scottsdale

7) Top 10 Arizona Restaurants for Your Post-Colonoscopy Meal

8) Top 20 Prosecutors Who Could've Nailed Joe Arpaio but Wussed Out

9)  Top 10 things Doug Ducey Probably Has Up His Ass 

10) Top 10 Hikes Most Likely to Include a Helicopter Ride.

11) Top 10 Explanations for the Mysterious Disappearance of the Hohokam (Number 1: "It's hot! Let's freakin' leave.")

12) Top 50 Places to Get Mauled by Pitbulls.

13) Top 1,000 Neighborhoods Where People Have No Clue Who Their Neighbors Are

14) Top 40,000 University of Phoenix Students Who Wonder, "What the Hell?!"

15) Top 200 Vacuous Kyrsten Sinema Do-Gooder Social Media Posts

16) Top 50 Corporate Welfare Recipients in Arizona

17) Top 10 Convenience Store Panhandler Gauntlets

18) Top 100 Real Estate Makeovers (Ex-Meth Lab Edition)

19) Top 50 Sexually Repressed Vigilantes 

20) Top 40 Pious Legislators Who've Never Read the Bible

21) Top 10 Radio Stations to Listen to When KJZZ Is Raising Funds 

22) Top 4 Jobs Arizona Corporation Commissioners Will Someday Get at APS

23) Top 1 Freeway Shooter 

24) Top 10 Ways Paul Babeu Mimics Joe Arpaio (Number 1: Wears pink underwear.)

25) Top 7 GOP Congressmen Who Laugh About the Tea Party in Private

26) Top 30 Places to Encounter Drunk Chicks Who Can't Walk in Heels

27) Top Mega-Churches That Would Immediately Reject Jesus Christ if He Were to Make an Appearance

28) Top 10 Locations to Get Struck by a Golf Ball in the Valley of the Sun

29) Top 100 Times Barry Goldwater Has Rolled Over in His Grave

30) Top 2 Distinguished ASU Graduates

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.