Feathered Bastard

9/11 troofer & tin-foil hatter badgers Rudolph Giuliani's pollster & gets arrested for the cause.

Don't tell me Pooh's a troofer too! Nah, he's too smart for that. (Believe it or not, this tin-foil hat's for sale at eCrater.com.)

Should 9/11 troofer and tin-foil hatter Matt Lepacek have been booted from a post-debate Spin Room at the Republican debate Tuesday, June 5 in Goffstown, N.H.? Should the fruitcake have been arrested afterwards for trespassing? No on both counts, bubbee.

As you can see from the video posted online at ScrewLooseChange, Lepacek, who was toiling for moonhowler extraordinaire Alex Jones' Infowars.com, was tres obnoxious and asked his questions like he'd skipped his meds that morning. He harangued Giuliani's spokesman, pollster Ed Goeas, and when the guy asked for his documentation, Lepacek continued the harangue, demanding that the gray-haired staffer sit with him for 10 minutes while they watched a video together. (What, with cookies and milk, too?) Not long after, the cops showed up and showed Lepacek to the door. Lepacek protested that he had been allowed in the event by CNN, and planned to return. When he tried this, they slapped the cuffs on him, and drove him down to ye ol' graybar hotel, where he was booked and later released.

As I've been thrown out of many a press conference in my time, usually while writing for the New Times, I can't agree with a member of the new media, as fringe as this guy is, being ejected after he'd already been issued a pass by CNN (as appears to have been the case). According to what I've read on SLC and elsewhere, it seems CNN objected to him being arrested. But this happened anyway.

Just because the guy asked Giuliani's aide a question he was unfamiliar with, and persisted in doing so beyond the bounds of what would normally be considered prudent, he's given the heave-ho? Sorry, but by any standard, that's unacceptable and un-American. I know I didn't like it when the troofers did it to me in Chandler, during their phony "press conference" this past February at the 9/11 Accountability Conference. So I can't endorse such actions when done to others, even if I think anyone representing Alex Jones' wacked-out media enterprise is by definition delusional.

As the only member of the so-called mainstream media present at the troofer press conference last February, I peppered conference organizer Kent "Cow Killer" Knudson with questions about his felony conviction for cowslaughter. I also posed uncomfortable queries about anti-Semitism in their movement, and the presence of known Holocaust denier Eric Williams, whom the troofers claimed had been barred from the event, but was not.

The result was the crowd turned on me, and a pseudo-security guard (with the conference, not the hotel) escorted me out, and made vague threats that he'd kick my ass if I didn't leave. The audience of troofers was ecstatic, and there was a lot of finger-pointing outside the hall, with folks admonishing me to amscray. But then the event's moderator, Philadelphia attorney Phil Berg chastised his comrades and ordered that I be allowed back in the news conference. This was to their benefit, of course, because blocking out the only actual reporter present would have ensured a ton of scorn, more than they were receiving already.

I know the circumstances are different than from what the loony Lepacek endured, but the bottom line is that I know from experience that all kinds of groups and politicos don't want you present if you're going to ask embarrassing questions, or raise issues they'd rather not waste time addressing. If Giuliani's man felt a little hot under the collar and didn't know what Lepacek was talking about, tough shit, buddy. That's your job.

There is a line Lepacek and his ilk can step over. They can't be allowed to hog the conversation, but it didn't seem as if the Giuliani dood was going to let that happen anyway. Also, if there's any danger they might go "Taxi Driver" on someone, as Pat Curley of SLC fears, they should definitely be barred from such events.

SLC links to a greatJohn Gibson radio show segment (second clip down) wherein Gibson takes on Matt Lepacek and fellow conspiranut Luke Rudowski. Listening to Gibson have at them, you can see why most people would rather not engage them at all. They're unabashed fanatics.

Love the way Gibson ridicules them. We need more of this out there. It has to be a two-fisted approach: ridicule and debunking. But arresting them after the fact? That only creates fake martyrs and phony heros. Better to confront them. It's similar to dealing with Holocaust deniers. I don't think you can ignore them. I think you have to blast them at every opportunity. Eventually, I think someone like Giuliani has to address this mass looniness and blow it out of the water. Might not kill it, but it will force the mainstream media to address the subject, and do what, say, the BBC has done in its excellent documentary on 9/11 nutbars.

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