"A**-Beating" MCSO Detective Deb Moyer's MCSO Hubby to Neighbor During Domestic Dispute: "Mind Your Business. I'm a Cop"

Since our prior post about the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office's "ass-beating" detective/reality TV star Detective Deb Moyer, we've got some new information about a recent domestic-violence situation between her and her husband.

First: Moyer's husband also is one of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's boys in beige. In fact, he's the office's former public-information officer, David Moyer. Second: if you live near Moyer, and hear what sounds like a domestic disturbance, you better "mind your business. [Dave Moyer's] a cop."

The Moyers had a little scuffle over the weekend at an apartment in which Deb Moyer is staying as the two work out their pending divorce. The spat allegedly turned physical when Deb Moyer scratched her husband's face and upper-torso. She now faces domestic-violence charges.

The fight, according to the police report first obtained by AZFamily, was over Dave Moyer's "marital infidelities."

To give a little context to what it must be like to be married to Deb Moyer, during an episode of the TLC reality TV show Police Women of Maricopa County, in which she starred alongside three other female deputies, she proudly announces, "If you do one thing wrong, and you come after me, or you say something, you're going down." Moyer apparently wasn't kidding -- just ask David Moyer.

In the middle of the fight, David Moyer apparently tried to play the cop card with a concerned neighbor, but to no avail.

According to the report, as the couple fought, a neighbor came outside to see what was going on. Dave Moyer told the man "go back inside your apartment and mind your business. I'm a cop."

Apparently, the culture of intimidation at the MCSO doesn't stop when employees leave the office.

The neighbor then called police, who intervened in the spat, but only after the "ass-beating" detective allegedly got her claws on her husband.

Deb Moyer, a 17-year veteran of the office, will now have her name on the growing list of MCSO flunkies currently on leave pending the outcome of one investigation or another. Criminally, she faces a charge of assault or domestic violence.  

Click here for many (many) more Moyer-isms -- similar to her threats of taking someone down if they merely "say something" -- compliments of the MCSO whoring itself out to reality TV.

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