A Neo-Nazi Protests Zack de la Rocha, Dennis Gilman's Video of the March, and Why E.J. Montini Is a Nudnik, as Usual

Dennis Gilman's video of the Saturday march, featuring Shannon Rivers of the Akimel O'odham people.

Gilman's video of the Saturday anti-Arpaio protest led by Zack de la Rocha is particularly cool because of an address he captured at the beginning of the march, given by Shannon Rivers of the Akimel O'odham people. His comments are both ironic and inspiring, especially considering the fact that Arizona, as a state, is still less than 100 years old. And his people were here long before the white man.

"We come hear today to support you," Rivers explains. "We come here today to honor your cause. Don't be afraid, brothers and sisters. We are all one people. So we can't force people out of this country unless the native people say so. And so far, we've welcomed everybody."

No wonder the nativists are howling at the moon over this one, flagging it inappropriately, and sending Gilman obscene messages. Currently, there's no problem seeing it, and there should be none, considering the fact that this is political speech and contains neither salty language nor nudity, nor anything of a sexual nature. So keep howling, hate-mongers. If you don't like it, don't watch it.


Here also are a couple of pics donated by Todd Landfried of 1190 AM's Desert Politics. One shows ancient neo-Nazi and erstwhile stormtrooper for George Lincoln Rockwell, Elton Hall, demonstrating in support of Sheriff Joe. Hall's been a regular participant in the activities of United for a Sovereign America, the most vicious anti-immigrant group in the Valley. U.S.A. was there in full force Saturday for a counter-protest, about 100 to 200 of them and their racist, bigoted pals. 

Also, check out this banner someone hung from the Wells Fargo Building, where Arpaio has two floors of pricey, executive offices. It was hanging directly above the nativist counter-protesters briefly, but got jerked down as soon as these nimrods realized what was right over their heads. Good score for whoever pulled it off.

Finally, a note on the asinine statements of the Republic's school-marmish scribbler E.J. Montini, who after hearing about the 3,000 to 4,000 people in the street protesting the anti-brown tyranny of one man, could only come up with some quibble about how he thinks it's a false analogy to compare Sheriff Joe with Bull Connor, a proud enforcer of segregation in Birmingham, Alabama back in the day.

Has Montini ever heard of this exotic literary device called a "metaphor"? Sure, Joe's not turning the fire hoses and the dogs loose on protesters, though he would if he could. However, Arpaio's ill-deeds are just as nefarious. People die in his jails all the time, for instance. (If you need a list, Montini, I can get you one.) And just as Connor defended Jim Crow, which ruled the South in the '50s and '60s, so does Arpaio defend fucking with Hispanic people, misusing both federal and state laws to do so.

Arpaio's anti-brown activities are quite popular with Arizona's racist residents, and so were Connor's anti-black activities in his day. Connor's men beat and mistreated blacks under the color of the law. Arpaio's goons tear away mothers from children while wearing ski-masks and wielding guns. Big difference, huh?

"Joe Arpaio is no 'Bull' Connor," wrote Montini. "Saying so is not only inaccurate. It's stupid. It diminishes the credibility of those who make the claim."

Au contraire, E.J. Actually, saying, "Joe Arpaio is no Bull Connor," diminishes the credibility of the person making that dumbass statement. Montini gave no argument for why the analogy was imperfect, he just asserted it was so. Nor did Montini even bother to call up the folks making the Bull Connor analogy, the activists at the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. Know how I know? I did something Montini should have done. I phoned them and asked them if he'd called.

Did Montini go to the protest Saturday? Did he show up at Arpaio's now-infamous "200 Mexican March"? Has he ever bothered to cover one of Arpaio's sweeps, or ride with the activists monitoring the misdeeds of Arpaio's black-masked deputies? During any of the demonstrations against Arpaio, has he ever gotten off his ass and even tried to do some reporting?

The answers to all those questions? Um, likely a big fat negatory, good buddy. But, hey, I'm willing to be surprised...

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