ABC World News Covers the Tale of the Pinal County Deputy Who Claims He Got Shot by Drug Smugglers

In case you missed it, ABC World News -- like several other national news outlets -- picked up on New Times' cover story this week, "Pinalcchio."

We watched as a camera crew interviewed the story's author, Paul Rubin, for about a half-hour outside of our downtown Phoenix offices.

Excited to see our colleague on the national news, we tuned in to the show's broadcast last night only to find that he wasn't included. But the piece that anchor Diane Sawyer introduced was right on.

Check out the video after the jump.

ABC did show the cover of this week's issue depicting Pinal County sheriff's Deputy Louie Puroll as a law-enforcement Pinocchio.

In ABC's written story that accompanied the video online, the network was more generous, giving New Times credit for breaking the story and quoting Rubin.

Check it out here.


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