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ACLU AZ's New Anti-Racial Profiling App: Don't Suspect a Cop, Report Him (Um, or Her)

Have you just been racially profiled by one of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's boys (or girls) in beige?

Did a Phoenix cop ask to see your driver's license -- while you were in the back seat of someone else's car?!

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Has an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer pulled you over and asked if you have a Social Security Number?

Are you Latino, look Latino (even vaguely) or know people who fit either category?

Then don't delay, snag the gadget every resident of Ari-bama needs like a tube of SPF 40 sunscreen and a pair of flip-flops: the ACLU of Arizona's Stop Senate Bill 1070 Mobile App.

Why should racist law enforcement officers have all the technology, right?

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