Airport Security: Clothing Apparently Optional. Woman Gets Through TSA Checkpoint Wearing Nothing But Undies

No shirt? No pants? No problem -- at least when trying to get through airport security in Oklahoma City.

A 52-year-old woman headed for Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport showed up to a security checkpoint at the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City this morning wearing nothing but a bra and panties -- they let her right through, and, thankfully, a few iPhone filmmakers caught it on tape.

The woman in the below video is Tammy Banovac. Yesterday, she showed up at the airport seated in a wheelchair and wearing a long coat. Her dog was in her lap.

When she went through security, she took off her coat to reveal she was wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

Check it out below.

She refused to go through a metal detector, airport spokeswoman Karen Carney tells New Times, and was sent to an advanced search that included a pat down.

When TSA agents searched Banovac, they found trace amounts of nitrate on her nearly naked body.

Nitrate residue can come from several places, Carney says, including medications and hunting equipment. But agents needed to take precautions and Banovac was not allowed to board her flight. She booked another one for this morning.

Today, Banovac showed up to the airport again -- and, like yesterday, she was wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

This time, there was no nitrate residue on her, and even though she was practically naked, Banovac got through security without any problems and caught her flight to Phoenix. Sadly, Banovac put a shirt on shortly thereafter.

"It was odd," Carney says, "which is probably an understatement."
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