Allen West, Congress' Resident Goof, Turns to Arizonans for Campaign Cash

It's a sad day when you find out that Republican Florida Congressman Allen West is trying to squeeze some bucks out of Arizona residents.

West -- for those not familiar with him -- is the most outspoken member of Congress, a tea-party king who has a penchant for making things up (see: Rep. Allen West Says Up To 81 House Members Are Communists), and resorts to name-calling for any reason he can find.

For example, West went diving with an American flag, and yours truly -- writing for New Times Broward-Palm Beach at the time -- pointed out that it seemed like West was violating the Flag Code by doing that.

West responded to allegations that he violated the friggin' Flag Code by darn near crapping his pants, and declaring that we were "idiot Liberals," "delusional dummies," and "a bunch of losers."

West freaked out so much over the Flag Code accusation that a year later, the story was brought up in a book authored by writer Robert Draper, who had embedded himself in Congress at the time.

"Sitting at a table a Ben's with his sandwich in both hands, West dismissed the left-wing accusers as "loons" and "crackheads" and wondered aloud, "Maybe I should've just burned the flag -- ya'll would've been happy then."


He's called Congresswoman Maxine Waters a "plantation overseer," Obama supporters "a threat to the gene pool," and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz the "most vile, unprofessional, and despicable member of the U.S. House of Representatives."

As you can imagine, it's not often that West is accused of being classy or cordial.

It might not be hard to believe, but some of West's biggest fans have attitudes very similar to the Congressman. For example, conservative radio host Mark Levin went on a six-minute tirade against New Times Broward-Palm Beach, and again, yours truly, for writing about a radio interview West did, in which he claimed military generals should be "very careful" about following orders from President Obama.

Maybe it's just a coincidence, but New Times Broward-Palm Beach just happened to receive a fax no more than a couple hours after that tirade, complete with a cartoon depiction of President Obama with a scope on his face, a whole lot of n-bombs, and declaring, "Death to all Marxists." (A photo of this brilliant work can be found here, if you're interested.)

Even though West hasn't even finished one whole term in the House of Representatives, it might not be hard to believe that he's facing a tough election challenge, in Democrat Patrick Murphy. West even decided to run in a district that's not even really close to where he lives, in order to give himself a better shot at reelection.

West also has to deal with his record from before his time in Congress -- in which he resigned from the Army instead of potentially facing a court-martial for firing a gun next to an innocent Iraqi policeman's head.

And Arizona, he'd like your help getting reelected.

That advertisement above popped up on the Congressman's campaign Facebook page this morning, and it looks like people from Arizona are actually sending money to this guy. On top of that, it appears that Arizona is the only state outside of Florida that West is actively soliciting donations from. There's probably something to be said about that.

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Matthew Hendley
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