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Andrew Breitbart's Brandon Darby Incorrectly Claims Paul Babeu's Ex Is U.S. Citizen

As much as the late Andrew Breitbart was reviled by the left, I always found him to be an entertaining, if often inflammatory, media presence. Breitbart died Thursday of natural causes at the way-too-young age of 43, giving liberals everywhere less reason to assault their TV screens in apoplectic rage.

Breitbart's perhaps best known for breaking the so-called Weinergate scandal involving the inappropriate Twitter and sexting activities of former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, a Democrat who was retired early from his political career due to Breitbart's fearless reporting and Weiner's own stupidity.

That's why I was a little surprised to read blogger Brandon Darby's February 29 entry on Breitbart's BigJournalism.com, the same site that published the first Weiner pic, wherein Darby depicts my colleague Monica Alonzo's expose on Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu as a "media hit" that's failed.

In doing so, he incorrectly claims that Babeu's ex-Mexican lover Jose Orozco is a United States citizen. 

"The Phoenix New Times decision to allow a spurned ex to make frivolous claims turned out to be just that," he insists. "The 'Mexican Ex' who Babeu had allegedly 'threatened with deportation' turned out to be a US citizen. One can only wonder why the staff of the Phoenix New Times couldn't catch that one."

Darby offers no source for this revelation, and it does not jibe with the facts of the case as we now understand them. In fact, though Babeu and Orozco and Orozco's lawyer have all claimed that Orozco is in the country legally, none of them have asserted that Orozco is a U.S. citizen.

Indeed, in an interview with CNN before his identity was revealed by other outlets, Orozco claimed that he had a 10-year multiple entry tourist visa. His lawyer Melissa Weiss-Riner told Alonzo that she had a copy of Orozco's visa on file, and Orozco, a Mexican national, also informed Alonzo that he was in the U.S. on a visa.

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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