Andrew Thomas: Has He Managed to Discover the Deep End and Successfully Jump Off It?

Disbarred ex-Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas hasn't disappeared, which we discovered by watching him on 12 News carry around a piece of wood and pretend he's a movie character.

You would expect that after being pegged as corrupt by just about everyone -- and an independent panel agreed that Thomas abused his power -- that he'd hang his head in a press conference afterward and then get out of the public spotlight.

Thomas was explaining (after showing off his wood on television) that "we're gonna need to, uh, be serious about cleaning up the corruption in this community."

That -- and his wood -- were part of "Candy" Andy's Walking Tall persona that he's trying to pull off to rid the county of corruption, which is funny, considering he's the disbarred one.

Taking into account the wood and movie character motif, has Thomas gone off the deep end?

Cast your vote below:

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