Another citizen makes Joe Arpaio's enemies list. His crime? Asking questions at a Barnes and Noble booksigning.

So check out this Dennis Gilman video of Nickel Bag Joe at a booksigning for the sheriff's latest work of fiction Joe's Law. It took place at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Deer Valley, and the Arizona Repugnant had a freelancer there to smooch Joe's fanny. Some suckup by the name of Ron Sanzone. Here's some of Sanzone's buttlick "special for The Republic" prose on the event:

"The sheriff engaged book purchasers, some of whom lined up for signatures at least 20 minutes before the event's start time, in discussions about his nearly five decades in law enforcement, his controversial stances on issues such as illegal immigration, and his fame around the nation and even in foreign countries.

"He was gregarious throughout the two-hour event and was as quick to share laughter and jokes as he was to level criticism at Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Gov. Janet Napolitano and the media, including The Arizona Republic."

Gee, Ron, did you wipe your lips after you gave Joe that verbal bj?

Even if Ron wasn't up to doing some actual work and lobbing a few tough ones in Joe's direction, this fella Jason was. Ol' Jason had showed up to the event in scrubs -- from his job, apparently. First Joe tries to schmooze him by telling the guy that the MCSO did all medical professionals a favor by making the prisoners at Tent City switch from blue scrubs to stripes. (Huh?) Then scrubs-boy asks Joe some hard-hitting Qs about last year's Pruitt's situation and Joe's sweeps in the area. For this, scrubs-boy is escorted away, and Joe writes down the dood's name after having noted earlier where he works, a clear indication that by merely asking Joe some Qs, he's likely made Arpaio's enemies' list.

From the video, Senor Scrubs seems pretty calm to me, though it's clear Joe's starting to get rattled. Here's how Sanzone described the incident:

"The evening was not totally a jovial occasion. A critic of Arpaio's immigration policies challenged his honesty and tactics. After a few minutes of an exchange that was becoming increasingly heated, the bookstore asked the critic to leave the premises."

"Not totally a jovial occasion"? Christ, Ron, why don't you bake Joe some cupcakes next time and hand over your press card to this cat Jason? He could use it. Judging from this video of Scrubs in action, you could learn a thing or three from the guy.

As for this so-called heated discussion, note how scrubsy-ubsy waits politely for the one -- count him, one -- person who wanted an autograph from Joe to get it before he continues the questioning. Wow, yeah, he was totally out of line. Better get him outta there, Barnes and Noble. No telling what he may do next. Like, what, ask another question...?

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