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Arizona Gun Nuts Rally at State Capitol in New Dennis Gilman Video

Gilman chats up the gun nuts, take one...

Phoenix videographer Dennis Gilman covered the gun nut rally at the Arizona State Capitol this past Saturday, and caught some interesting footage of the local pro-2nd Amendment crowd, which seems mainly to have consisted of angry white dudes who're afraid that the scary black man (i.e., President Obama) is coming to take away their playthings.

"Firearms is just what they want to start with," explains one grizzled speaker, who looks like he's been spending most of his spare time prospectin' for the Lost Dutchman Mine. "If they get that, they'll go further and further, till you have no hands and feet, because those are the first weapons used by any human to protect themselves."

That's right. Obama wants to cut off your hands and feet. Wow, reckon he's any kin to Idi Amin?

Another fella tells Gilman that Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, would have been pro-AR-15. His explanation veers off course, however, and he starts talking about how, "We have these weapons to prevent tie-ranny in our government."

Obviously, this so-called "tie-ranny" is actually the unprecedented national proliferation of neckties and the abolition of all open-collared shirts, which Obama, being the Kenyan socialist that he is, advocates for all Americans, in defiance of the U.S. Constitution.

Another brain surgeon explains how the cops and the military will side with those taking up arms against the gub'mint, which I reckon means that cops might end up killing cops along with the rednecks killing cops when the revolution comes.

All of this pro-gun paranoia, BTW, reminds me of the premise of the dystopian, racist novel The Turner Diaries, in which a right-wing "Aryan" revolt is precipitated by a federal law that, to quote the ADL's synopsis of the book, "outlawed private ownership of firearms in the United States," an act enforced by "Jewish-run human rights groups" employing "gangs of black men to invade the homes of whites, confiscate their firearms and brutally arrest and imprison the guilty parties."

The Turner Diaries, you may recall, inspired Gulf War vet Timothy McVeigh to bomb the Murrah Federal Building, McVeigh himself being a gun nut who liked to hang around -- surprise, surprise -- gun shows.

McVeigh would have felt right at home at Saturday's rally, I'm sure.

Gilman also documents the presence of disgraced, two-time loser and former state Senate President Russell Pearce, as well as new state Representative Kelly Townsend, and creepy Carl Seel, also in the state House, who was seen hobnobbing with apparent members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and hawking his House Bill 2291, which would, if it became law, make certain new federal gun regulations and laws unenforceable within the borders of Sand Land.

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Just as an aside on the Sons of Confederate Veterans, what is it about slavery, gray uniforms and military defeat that you hobo-lookalikes so cherish, I wonder?

And regarding the motto "Sic Semper Tyrranis" (translated, "Thus Always to Tyrants") on your bike jackets, a motto uttered by John Wilkes Booth after assassinating President Abraham Lincoln, does this mean you're pro-assassination in general, or of the assassination of Lincoln in particular?

And please don't tell me you're referencing the killing of Julius Caesar.

Inquiring minds want to know.

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