Arizona Real Estate Commissioner Sam Wercinski Announces Intent to Resign

Sam Wercinski sees the writing on the State Capitol wall.

Wercinski, the state's Real Estate Commissioner, today announced his intent to resign when Governor Janet Napolitano leaves for her new job as Homeland Security secretary.

Wercinski served two years, having been appointed by Napolitano in January of 2007. Click here for his official bio. An eager sort, Wercinski prided himself on curtailing mortgage fraud, watching out for misleading advertising and trying to discourage wildcat development. His business card was an actual Band-Aid wrapper -- his metaphor for how he perceived his job. (Though perhaps too apt of a metaphor considering the scale of the real estate crisis).

Scroll down for Wercinski's letter:

************** LATE BREAKING NEWS *************

Real Estate Commissioner Sam Wercinski has notified Governor Napolitano of his intent to resign. Read his letter at

Below is his letter of gratitude to the Public and Industry.


January 8th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It has been a great honor to serve Arizona as your Real Estate Commissioner. It is with mixed emotions that I tell you that my final day as Commissioner will be effective upon Governor Napolitano's resignation. Should Secretary of State Brewer, upon becoming Governor, wish me to assist the incoming Commissioner during a transition period, I would be pleased to do so. I shall remain available to the new administration as requested.

The ADRE team remains committed to Protecting the Public by offering the same exemplary service you have come to experience during my term. Our success is a testament to the partnerships formed between the Three Entities: The Public, The Industry and The Department. By Promoting Mutual Respect, collectively, we created a new foundation to advance practical and sound real estate policy in our growing state. Please commit yourself to fostering this perspective so we can continue to empower Arizona and emerge from these challenging times as a stronger community.

As you may know, the ADRE Spring 2009 Community Outreach and Education program has been scheduled for February and March. I will complete this tour as a guest speaker with schools who chose to partner with ADRE in offering the program. The COE has been approved for three credits of Commissioner's Standards and information is available at

I wish you and the incoming Commissioner great success. Please stay in touch with me through email at [email protected] or via If you send me your contact information, I would enjoy visiting with you as I continue to travel around Arizona.

Gratefully and with Sincerest Respect,

Sam Wercinski

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