Arizona Representative Andy Tobin New Speaker of Arizona House of Representatives

State Representative Andy Tobin has been pegged to serve as the new speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives following former Speaker Kirk Adams' announcement that he's leaving the Legislature.

As New Times pointed out on Tuesday, Tobin is now tasked with keeping the Legislature in its place as a tool of extreme right-wingers.

Tobin served as House majority leader since late last year. Before that, he was the majority whip.

Representative Steve Court was elected to replace Tobin as majority leader.

Adams stepped aside Tuesday and is probably planning a run for the Congressional seat being vacated by Congressman Jeff Flake, who announced earlier this year that he's running for Senator Jon Kyl's seat in the U.S. Senate.

If Adams decides to run, he wouldn't be the only Republican seeking the seat. Former Congressman Matt Salmon announced earlier this month that he, too, planned to run for Flake's seat.

Also seeking the seat is former Republican state Senate Majority Leader Chuck Gray.

Adams is scheduled to hold a press conference later this afternoon to "discuss his future plans" -- which is code for I'm running for Congress.

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