Arizona Republic Cartoonist Bashes Sheriff Paul Babeu Over Deputy Shooting. It's Funny

The shooting of Pinal County Sheriff's Deputy Louie Puroll has inspired some interesting satire. Yesterday, we showed you a strange-but-entertaining video that's making the rounds on Youtube. Today, the Arizona Republic is mocking the incident with a cartoon Sheriff Paul Babeu probably isn't liking..

The cartoon is titled "Babeu Shoots Himself," and cartoonist Steve Benson deserves some extra funny-points for this one.

The cartoon points out -- among other things -- Babeu's new role as a media darling and bashes his support of Deputy Louie Puroll.

It shows him brushing his bald head while gazing into the business end of a camera he's holding.

On his shirt, Babeu has three signs, each alluding to some of the more obvious criticisms of the sheriff.

The first says "Build the Dang Fence" -- a reference to the uber-awful campaign ad he did for Senator John McCain.

The second says "Arpaio's Da Man" -- suggesting Babeu's apparent admiration for Maricopa County's corrupt top cop..

The third says "so are my deputies" -- apparently referring to the way Babeu continues to defend Deputy Louie Puroll's account of what happened when he claims to have been shot by drug smugglers in the Arizona desert. There's a lot of evidence to suggest that Puroll's story doesn't add up -- evidence first raised in the New Times feature "Pinalcchio."

It's a great cartoon. Check it out here.

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