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Arizona Republicans Trying, Again, to Nullify Federal Gun Laws

Some Republican lawmakers still are trying to nullify federal gun laws they feel are unconstitutional.

Senate Bill 1294 declares, "All federal acts, laws, orders, rules and regulations that are in violation of the second amendment of the United States Constitution, that are unauthorized by the Constitution and that violate the Second Amendment's true meaning and intent as given by the founders and ratifiers of the United States Constitution are invalid and void in this state."

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Various Republican lawmakers also are backing legislation supporting nullification of all Environmental Protection Agency rules, as well as an attempt to revoke the National Security Agency's authority in Arizona.

This gun-law-nullification bill is based on model legislation from the Tenth Amendment Center, which, as the name implies, puts a lot of faith in states' rights.

According to the thinking from that organization:

The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act is a simple, yet powerful tool to nullify federal gun "laws," rules, regulations, and the like. It can and should be introduced at both the state and local level.

It begins with the basis that the federal government doesn't have authority to make them. From there, it's a straightforward stand-down requirement for the entire state on the enforcement of any federal gun control measures.

Since a vast majority of federal enforcement actions require the leadership, help and/or assistance of state or local governments, agents and resources -- widespread refusal to enforce or participate in enforcement will severely cripple federal efforts.

The legislation, introduced by Senator Kelli Ward, doesn't outline exactly which federal rules and regulations are supposedly out of line with the Second Amendment. It would be debatable whether there would be any real-life changes to how gun laws would be enforced as a result of this legislation.

Two states, Kansas and Alaska, actually have similar versions of this bill signed into law.

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