ASU Student/Aspiring Male Underwear Model Featured on ABC News to Promote New "Self-Promotion" Web site

There is a brand-new virtual forum for shameless self-promotion, and an Arizona State University sophomore has found himself as the face of the new site.

Ryan Maciorski, 19,  was recently featured on ABC News for being a "Campus Man" on the latest "fan-building," self-affirmation Web site, is similar to Facebook or Twitter, where users post photos, their dreams, and a little bit about themselves, with the hope of attracting "fans."

" is a way for any student, regardless of hobby or career interest, to get their career started by organizing a fan club and generating publicity about themselves," spokeswoman Vicky Phipps tells ABC.

From the looks of things, if the "career" these guys plan to start is life guard or spray-tan spokesman, she might be right.

The site seems little more than a collection of shirtless d-bags who would put the Gotti boys to shame.

For example, ASU's own "campus man," Maciorski, uses a shirtless photo of himself staring cavalierly into the distance, while leaning against a desk.

"My friends describe me as physically fit. They have been telling me to try and become an underwear model," he says on his site.

Maciorski shouldn't sell himself short -- anyone who's seen Zoolander knows "there's more to life than being really, really ridiculously good looking." Case-in-point: Macriorski's self-described "talent."

"I can bench press 300 pounds," he claims on his page.

We're very impressed.

There are currently 217 "campus men," and to become one yourself, all you need to do is go to the Web site, get three friends to register as your "fan," and find the most overtly gay photo you have of yourself possible. Clothing apparently is optional.

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