Baby Gabriel Will Be Found, Psychic Claims; Glad That's Cleared Up

A local TV station is taking the word of a "renowned" psychic -- a Valley native, whose work is the basis for the fictional TV show Medium -- that baby Gabriel Johnson will be found.

Psychic Allison DuBois, whose psychic ability was the subject of a 2008 New Times feature, sat down with CBS 5 to give the network her take on the baby Gabriel case, and she believes -- based on what, we don't know -- that Johnson will be found within the year.

Check out the DuBois interview here.

Gabriel Johnson was last seen in a San Antonio, Texas, hotel room with his mother. Elizabeth Johnson, who was in the midst of a custody dispute with the baby's father, Logan McQueary.

After skipping a custody hearing and driving to San Antonio, Johnson sent McQueary text-messages saying she had killed the baby and she would e-mail McQueary "the exact location of dead Gabriel's little blue body, if the garbage don't come first."

When asked why Elizabeth Johnson took Gabriel and then sent him the chilling text-messages, Dubois says, "I think she did it because she wanted to hurt the father, like she said."

Incredible! We were thinking the exact same thing -- maybe we're psychics, too.

DuBois says she's using a variety of methods to enter the child's psyche.

"For instance, if I look at a picture of Gabriel, [the] first thing I look at is his eyes," she says. "That's my window into him. But because he's so young and can't communicate, it's very difficult for me to pull information from him."

DuBois says she feels that investigators are close to finding Gabriel -- but not buried in a San Antonio landfill where police have been searching.

Not a bad guess considering cops have been combing the landfill for nearly a month and have found zilch.

In the final analysis, after devoting nearly four minutes of airtime and a 90-minute interview to the claims of a psychic, CBS 5 has told us nothing we didn't know a week ago.

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