Bernie Sanders Coming To Phoenix Tuesday Night Ahead Of Arizona Presidential Primary Vote

**Update: Event details have been released by the campaign. See below.

The big-time political news just keeps coming, folks!

Earlier today, we learned Republican front-runner Donald Trump is coming to Arizona again, and New Times can now report that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders also is coming back.

Sanders will hold a large rally tomorrow afternoon in the downtown Phoenix Convention Center with the theme: "A Future to Believe In." (Sanders' wife, Jane, has also been campaigning for the candidate in Arizona this week. She visited with members of the Apache Stronghold Oak Flat group yesterday and is touring Sheriff Joe Arpaio's tent city today.)

Arizona holds its presidential preference vote Tuesday, March 22, and the latest polls have shown that if Sanders is successful in getting young people to come out and vote, he stands a chance of picking up a sizable portion of the state's delegates. (Unlike the Republican primary, which is winner-take-all, the Democratic primary awards delegates proportionately.)

Tomorrow night's event will be his third stop in Arizona and will almost certainly draw thousands of people — Sanders has a big following in Phoenix and Tempe, and his supporters have held rallies and events, and plastered "Bernie" signs across the two cities. 

On a related note, Trump recently accused Sanders of sending "disruptors" to his campaign events — and threatened to send his own pro-Trump supporters to Sanders' events. 

RSVP for free tickets to the Bernie event here.

Phoenix Convention Center, South Building (Phoenix, AZ)
100 North 3rd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Doors open at 1 p.m.

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