Donald Trump Coming Back to Arizona This Weekend

**Update 3/17/16: Saturday's event will be at 10 a.m. in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Doors open at 8 a.m.
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Get ready, Arizona: Donald Trump is coming baaaack!

The Republican front-runner is planning another large rally ahead of next Tuesday's presidential preference vote, the Arizona Republic is reporting — the event is tentatively scheduled for this Saturday, though no time or location has been secured yet.

Arizona has received quite a few politicians this season, but no one has come through the state quite as often as Trump. This will be his third rally here since his political campaign really took off last summer, and if past events are any indication, the turnout should be yooooge.

Trump's been killin' it in polls here for months, and the latest numbers are no exception. As New Times reported recently, Trump still is in the lead and likely to beat out his competitors in Arizona's winner-take-all primary on March 22. 
His anti-illegal-immigration message has resonated well here — “Nobody can be stronger than me on the border,” he told the crowd the last time he came through Arizona. "Everybody wants Trump for protection because they know I know what I’m doing.”
Yet all the support he has here doesn't mean this Saturday's rally will go down without a hitch. In the last week, Trump campaign events have been marked by increased tension and violence. Racial slurs and punches have been exchanged, arrests have been made, and an event in Chicago was canceled after fights broke out between demonstrators and Trump supporters.
So will punches be thrown and protesters thrown out this weekend? It's impossible to say, but the front-runner's previous rallies in the Valley have drawn sizable protests, and this Saturday should be no exception. 

**Update: Puente Human Rights Movement has just organized an anti-Trump rally for Saturday

Watch Trump's new Arizona campaign ad starring the one and only Ivanka Trump:

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