Bill Clinton Will Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Phoenix and Tucson Sunday

The list of famous politicians campaigning their way through Arizona ahead of Tuesday's primary vote keeps growing.

The Hillary Clinton campaign announced this morning that former President Bill Clinton will hold rallies on behalf of his wife in Phoenix and Tucson this Sunday. (The location and time of the events haven't been solidified yet, but we'll update this story when we knowdetails.)

According to the campaign, Bill Clinton's events "will make the case for why Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to raise incomes, improve education, and break down racial, social, and economic barriers for families as President" — themes she'll also touch upon in her big campaign rally in Phoenix Monday night.

As we've written before, with 85 delegates on the line for the Democratic candidates, Arizona represents the biggest prize in this Tuesday's primary elections, meaning it should come as no surprise that candidates and their surrogates are parading through the state to garner as many votes as possible. 
Here's the full list of political rallies happening before Tuesday:
  • Friday, March 18 (Phoenix:) Ted Cruz (Rick Perry and Carly Fiorina will be speaking as well)
  • Friday, March 18 (Tucson): Bernie Sanders

  • Saturday, March 19 (Phoenix): Bernie Sanders
  • Saturday, March 19 (Fountain Hills): Donald Trump

  • Sunday, March 20 (Phoenix and Tucson): Bill Clinton for Hillary Clinton

  • Monday, March 21 (Phoenix): Hillary Clinton

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Miriam is a staff writer at Phoenix New Times.
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