Hillary Clinton To Hold Campaign Rally In Phoenix Monday Afternoon

**Update 3/18: The time and location for the rally have been announced, see below for details.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be in Phoenix Monday afternoon to rally support for her campaign ahead of Arizona's presidential preference vote on Tuesday.

She will speak at Carl Hayden Community High School. Doors open at 1:30 p.m. (RSVP here.)

This will be Clinton's first visit to Arizona this primary season, though her campaign has launched a strong grassroots ground campaign here in the last few months.

Clinton's visit comes days after her main Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, held his fourth event in Arizona and after her presumptive Republican rival, Donald Trump, will have held his third rally here Saturday. Republican candidate Ted Cruz is scheduled here Friday afternoon, as well.

The most recent polls show Clinton winning Arizona — MBQF Consulting reports that 56.2 percent of likely voters say they will cast a ballot for her, while only 21.5 percent say Sanders has their vote. But the prediction comes with the caveat that if voter turnout is exceptionally high, particularly among young voters, Sanders stands a strong chance of doing much better. 

At his rally earlier this week in Phoenix, Sanders told the crowd: “We will win if the turnout is high. Let’s make it high!” 

Campaign Event Details:

Carl Hayden Community High School
3333 West Roosevelt Street
Doors open at 1:30 PM MST
(RSVP here)

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