Bill Montgomery Joins in on Useless Demand for Kyrsten Sinema's Client List as an Attorney

Over the past couple of weeks, the Arizona Republican Party, supporting Republican congressional candidate Vernon Parker, has demanded that Parker's Democratic opponent, Kyrsten Sinema, release a list of her clients as a criminal-defense attorney.

The odds of that happening are pretty close to zero, if not exactly zero, but now Maricopa County's top prosecutor is trying to get in on it.

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In a statement released through the Arizona Republican Party, County Attorney Bill Montgomery announces his request for Sinema's client list, along with an interesting commentary of how he apparently views the justice system.

"Democrat Kyrsten Sinema claims to have made a career out of protecting criminals. She shouldn't hide who she has defended now just because she is running for office. Arizona families deserve to know the whole truth so why is Sinema keeping who she claims to have defended a secret. Vernon Parker has the support of national victims rights groups because he is committed to protecting law-abiding citizens. I look forward to working with him when he gets to Congress."

This whole issue is based off a comment Sinema supposedly made in 2006, in a quote reported by a fellow who seemed to be under the impression that he was at a radical-leftist meeting where the writer appeared genuinely offended by comments about white people.

Sinema purportedly described herself as a "bisexual criminal defense attorney who represents murderers," although there's no explanation or context accompanying that quote.

That's what sparked Arizona Republican Party Chairman Tom Morrissey to start demanding Sinema's client list, including any "murderers."

"In light of your pronouncements of support for murderers I ask you to immediately release your entire client list of any murderers you have represented or currently represent," Morrissey wrote in an open letter to Sinema, also noting her opposition to the death penalty.

Heaven forbid, Sinema may have helped someone secure a right guaranteed to them in the Bill of Rights. Her law license is currently inactive.

Montgomery's commentary, however, appears to create more crossover between his job and his politicking. "Justice" can be a funny thing sometimes.

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