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Bill Montgomery: Victimizer of Undocumented Workers, Turns "Victims' Rights" Advocate in DC

It's a requirement in Arizona, more than in any other state in the Union, that politicians be shameless hypocrites. And Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is no piker in this regard.

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Thursday, Monty appeared before a U.S. House Judiciary subcommittee chaired by Representative Trent Franks to offer his opinion on the proposed Victims Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Watch a clip of Monty at Thursday's hearing. The amendment would offer crime victims many of the same rights the Arizona Constitution provides, including the right to attend all court hearings, the right to restitution, and so on.

The merits of such an amendment are debatable, as you'll see if you want to sit through all two hours of the hearing.

In Montgomery's highly ironic testimony, Maricopa County's top prosecutor presented himself as a "victims rights" advocate, who has worked as a "victims rights attorney," in addition to his duties as county attorney.

Yep, Monty's all for helping the victims of crime.

Unless they're undocumented.

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