Feathered Bastard

Bill Montgomery's Adolf Hitler Analogy: The ADL's Bill Straus Is Not Amused

What is it with Republicans and Nazis? It used to be, several decades ago in hippie times, the word "fascist" was bandied about so often by lefties that it lost all meaning.

These days, seems like every time you turn around some GOP putz is calling someone a Nazi.

Teabaggers love calling President Obama a Nazi, oblivious to their own bigotry toward our Commander in Chief. Republican state Representative Brenda Barton is merely the most recent nudnik spouting this nonsensical cliche.

Now County Attorney Bill Montgomery wants in on the Nazi game, dropping a Hitler reference while denouncing a lawsuit by the ACLU of Arizona against an idiotic legislative ban on something that doesn't exist here in Sand Land -- women having abortions because of the race or sex of the unborn child.

The suit was recently dismissed by a federal court judge for lack of standing by the plaintiffs.

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