Boston Marathon Explosions: Fox News Goes Straight to Clueless Joe Arpaio for Interview

The news is still unfolding about the explosions near the finish line at the Boston Marathon today, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio already has managed to exploit the situation on national television, thanks to Fox News.

"They're even after the sheriff here," Arpaio told Fox's Neil Cavuto.

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As you'd expect, Arpaio knew absolutely nothing about the situation but was more than willing to exploit the dead and wounded for some attention.

"I just had a guy send me a bomb," Arpaio said (per a transcript), 13 seconds into the interview. "Fortunately, it didn't get to my office."

Cavuto asked Arpaio about national security, which, of course, Arpaio narrowed down to border security and, of course, himself.

"They're trying to do a good job at the border," he said. "I have five threats to hit me with cartels. The latest one last week, so maybe being high-profile from Washington to Maricopa County with certain groups that don't like the sheriff, and I'll tell you I'm not leaving."

Arpaio followed up amid the report on the dead and wounded in Boston, "I'll be the sheriff for many years."

Bravo, Sheriff.

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