Bra Listed at $3 Million on Display at Victoria's Secret Show in Phoenix

How much would you spend on a bra? $10? $20? Some women may be willing to spend even more, but to get your ta-tas in the cups of this year's hottest bra, you're gonna have to pony-up millions.

On display at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at Molina Fine Jewelers in Phoenix is a $3 million diamond-encrusted bra fit for a queen -- or any idiot that would spend $3 million on a bra.

Check out a video here.

The Harlequin Fantasy Bra contains 2,300 diamonds sewn into the cups and a 16-carat heart-shaped diamond hanging from the front of it.

Seems sort of pointless -- you can throw all the diamonds you want on a bra, and the goal of any guy who sees it is probably the same as it is with a $10 boulder-holder: Get the woman wearing it to take it off.

While the bra may be $2,999,991 more than anyone in their right mind should pay for a bra, the Wall Street Journal makes it sound as though only a hobo would be caught dead in this thing.

"In a sign of the times, the bra is more modest than in years' past," WSJ says of the bra. "The Harlequin has one tenth the total carats of last year's Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra; less than a third the total diamonds of the 2007 Very Sexy Holiday Fantasy Bra; and costs one fourth of the 2005 Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra."

You can check out this idiotic flop-stopper at Molina Fine Jewelers at 3134 East Camelback in Phoenix. 

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