Brenda Barton, Republican Lawmaker, Claims Obama Is Hitler and Park Rangers Are Thugs

There's a saying the local Democrats have: You can't spell "crazy" without "R-AZ."

Why? Because of people like Republican Representative Brenda Barton of Payson, who explained on Facebook Monday that Führer der Nation Barack Obama and those gang-bangers known as park rangers are just ruining this nation.

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Does Barton have bigger nuts than 15 county sheriffs? The world may never know.

It appears that this Facebook post was first discovered by the Arizona Capitol Times, which proceeded to phone up Barton -- who defended her Facebook post and reiterated that Obama's just like Hitler in so many ways.

(Gee, one of those exceptions to the comparison happens to be Obama's lack of murdering millions of Jews. But other than that . . . !)

Other Facebook posts by Barton blame Obama for "punish[ing] the American people" and "hold[ing] our country in contempt," as she's apparently under the impression that the president is to blame for the government shutdown, and all the things that come along with it.

In case you're wondering, Barton told the Cap Times an apology wouldn't be necessary for the Hitler comparison.

Going back through some of Barton's older Facebook posts, it looks like she just has an obsession with Obama. For example, "Have you ever compared the Obama scowl with the Reagan smile? One man was warm and welcoming while the other is (oh, how to put this) 'much less so.'"

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