Brett Mecum, Arizona Republican Party Big-Wig Described as "Creepy Around Women," Named One of Phoenix Business Journal's "40 Under 40." WTF?

The Phoenix Business Journal recently released its coveted "40 Under 40" list. To quote Clark W. Griswold, we could wake up tomorrow with our heads sewn to the carpet and we wouldn't be more surprised than we were when we saw the name of Arizona Republican Party Executive Director Brett Mecum on the list.

The PBJ bills the award as the "premier program honoring the best young leaders in the Phoenix metro market."

Anyone who recalls some of Mecum's antics over the past few years knows the only place he's likely to lead anyone is the police on a high-speed chase down the Loop 101.

Mecum got popped in 2009 for driving his blue 2008 Shelby GT 500 Ford Mustang 109 miles per hour down the Loop 101 at 12:30 in the morning. The posted speed limit is 65 m.p.h.

That's nothin' compared to some of the other less-than-reputable things for which one of Phoenix's "best young leaders" made headlines.

In December 2009, Mecum was described as "creepy around women" in a stalking complaint filed against him after he showed up at a woman's house uninvited for a party.

The woman says she never gave Mecum her address, nor did she think he even knew where she lived.

When she asked him how he found her address, she claims Mecum told her he had a staffer look it up on Voter Vault, a state voter-registration list. Using a state voter-registration list to access someone's personal information is a class-six felony.

A mutual female acquaintance of Mecum's, and ours, later confirmed that the assessment that he's "creepy around women" is spot on.

But we're not done...

Just last month, Mecum was accused of telling a former Goodyear City Council candidate she could get the endorsement of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but there was a catch: She had to pay $2,000 to right-wing political consultant Constantin Querard.

Read more about Mecum's most-recent mess here.

And then there's the oral sex -- or simulated oral sex of a man dressed in a super hero costume. That man: one of Phoenix's "best young leaders," Mr. Conservative himself, Brett Mecum (see photo above).

Sure, there's nothing illegal about dressing like a super hero and having a woman pretend to felate you. It just seems a little unbecoming of one of Phoenix's "best young leaders."

The Phoenix Business Journal did not respond to our request for an explanation as to how someone like Mecum could be honored with such a prestigious award.

See the entire list of Phoenix's "40 Under 40" here.

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