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Brewer Caught on Camera Calling Life at Capitol a "Hell Hole;" Has the Lady Finally Snapped?

At a meeting with state Republicans in Tucson last night, Governor Jan Brewer is caught on tape saying "It's a great relief, to say the least, to get out of that hellhole in Phoenix."

While we appreciate the material, rather than crush this softball out of the park, we're going to offer Jan a little compassion, unlike many of the pundits kicking this one across town, implying she thinks the city itself is a "hell hole." 

She has had one hell of a month, so let's just chalk this up as a foot-in-the-mouth moment for Brewer.

The governor was referring to the vicious budget battle that's been waging at the capitol, which she has been caught in the middle of for the last three months, not the city itself.

It does seem the heat of the "hell hole" is finally getting to the governor.

Over the past week, Brewer has watched as she has somehow become the least popular figure, within her own party, in the entire country. The top spot was previously held by controversial Illinois Senator Roland Burress.

Brewer has been incredibly unsuccessful in cutting deals within her own party, like a 1-cent sales tax increase she proposed to help bridge the $3 billion budget gap.

The governor yesterday learned her fate if she were to run against Attorney General Terry Goddard in next year's gubernatorial election. It's not looking pretty for Jan. 

Let's not beat Jan up over this alleged gaffe; she's having a bad month. Keep in mind, if you consider Brewer's most recent approval rating, nobody seems to want her in this "hell hole" anyway.

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