Governor Jan Brewer
Governor Jan Brewer

Brewer's Approval Ratings in the Tank, According to New Poll

A new poll released today sheds light on something most of us probably already know: We're fed up with Governor Jan Brewer.

Sure, she's fine in that grandmotherly sort of way, but after a state budget battle that's somehow still waging, heads are gonna have to roll.

According to the poll, conducted by the Scottsdale-based Behavior Research Center, only 22 percent of those polled approve of the unelected governor. This is down from 28 percent in May.

What a difference a summer full of mindless bickering and political impotence can make.

The poll also shows that Jan's losing support within the Republican party and among the all-important Independents.

According to the poll, 27 percent of Republicans polled disapprove of the Governor, which is up from 18 percent back in May.

Perhaps that's because of the Governor's squabbles with Senator Bob Burns and the rest of the Senate GOP, which is why we're still sitting here in September wondering how we're going to pay for the budget.

Brewer, who hasn't confirmed or denied that she will seek a full term, might want to sit this election out. Former-governor and exonerated thief Fife Symington has expressed interest in running again, and Joe Arpaio hasn't ruled it out.

Pick your poison folks -- we're screwed.  


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