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Can Joe Arpaio Be Defeated With Mike Stauffer and Paul Penzone on the Ballot?

Yesterday we told you about the unsuccessful attempt to challenge independent Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Mike Stauffer's signatures, which was supported by Democratic candidate Paul Penzone.

Stauffer's already set to be on the general election ballots in November, as would Penzone -- a former Phoenix police sergeant -- if he defeats ex-New York cop John Rowan in the primary.

That would put two people on the ballot to attempt the defeat of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

It would seem like neither Penzone nor Stauffer would want the other taking their votes in their bids to defeat Arpaio, although Stauffer's campaign manager West Kenyon wrote the following last week:

"Will a three-way race split the vote?" Absolutely not. Again the party system and the opponents who are owned by the party system want you to believe that too. A Democrat in this particular election year, for this particular office of Maricopa County Sheriff, stands little chance of being elected and collecting only a minimal number of votes. Based on statistics it isn't a three-way race. The race will be between Arpaio and Stauffer. To clarify, will the Democratic opponent collect votes? Absolutely, but only the votes that would not have gone to Arpaio or Stauffer in the first place, hence the vote is not going to be split.

Can it be done?

Cast your vote below:

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