Captain Joel Fox's Lame Response to SCA Scandal: "Nuthin to See Here"

As we've mentioned before, if the SCA spokesman, Captain Joel Fox, wants to talk, we're willing to listen. After we told you about the interesting stuff written on the SCA donation checks, like "Vote for Sheriff Joe Arpaio," Fox left a message on our blog.

His response: "Sorry to spoil your fun, but there's nuthin to see here, folks... move along."

Fox also challenges readers again to identify a crime or a lie he's told. (You can read his entire response below).

As Jules from Pulp Fiction would say: Allow us to retort.

This kind of blatant "hear no evil" stance of Fox's may work in certain churches, but it shrivels under daylight.

The post that Fox commented on raised all sorts of new questions about the SCA and who was behind it. It also raised new questions about Fox's credibility. For instance, in Feburary, Fox wrote comments that stated:

The SCA account was not set up for campaign purposes, so donors would have no idea the money might end up at the Republican Party. Their contributions were not campaign contributions as defined by ARS Title 16.

He also wrote:

People put money into the account with no intention of it being used for a campaign.


If you are using the words synonymously, then I never collected money for the purpose of influencing an election, and no one ever gave money for the purpose of influencing an election.

Yet on one of the checks used to boost the SCA account was the notation, "PAC contribution." Another said, "Vote for Sheriff Joe Arpaio."

Nothing there? Oh, really!

We also challenge Fox to answer the many follow-up questions posed in our July 15 post, "Captain Joel Fox Lied..."

Text of Fox's August 11 comment follows:

Joel Fox says: Not to worry folks, I'm still here.

I just have better things to do with my day than spend it here trying to convince people that don't know what they are taking about that they don't know what they are talking about.

Nobody has told me what to say, or what not to say.

And (you know you want to hear it...)

I haven't lied.

You might want to confirm what I submitted to Elections before you run around calling me a liar again...not that fact checking ever slowed Ray Stern down...or any of the rest of you for that matter.

Rather than just cry "liar, liar" and "scandal, scandal" and "crimes, crimes"...maybe one of you eggheads can actually identify a lie, or a crime.

Sorry to spoil your fun, but there's nuthin to see here, folks...move along.

Posted On: Tuesday, Aug. 11 2009 @ 9:14PM

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