Christine Jones Is Pro-Joe Arpaio, but Seems Clueless About What the Sheriff Does

Christine Jones, the former Go Daddy executive who's running for governor, is a big fan of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

3TV has the footage of Jones giving a gushing review of the sheriff in front of a crowd, including Arpaio, at a charity event. 3TV also has the footage of Jones, a Republican, seeming completely clueless about who Arpaio is.

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Aside from calling Arpaio a man of "integrity" and "honesty" -- ha! -- there are a few bizarre claims she made for the camera.

One is that the majority of MCSO employees are Hispanic. Nope.

Another, that Arpaio puts water out for immigrants crossing the Rio Grande. Forget the fact that the Rio Grande doesn't really come close to Arizona -- Arpaio's never put out any water in the desert for immigrants.

But the best part about the interview was when 3TV's Dennis Welch asks Jones about Arpaio's famous immigrant-hunting sweeps. Jones' answer: Huh?

"I honestly don't know about somebody pulling somebody over or targeting particular people," she said.

Wow, who knew there could be a gubernatorial candidate with a deeper love for Arpaio than "Candy Andy" Thomas?

Check out 3TV's segment below (they also have bonus footage on their website):

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