Claude Mattox, Phoenix Councilman and Mayoral Candidate, Hosts Forum on FB, Twitter

Phoenix Councilman and mayoral candidate Claude Mattox's is hosting a mayoral forum for himself on Facebook and Twitter -- using social media to connect with his constituents.

Mattox's online mayoral forum, at first glance, seems innovative.

Individuals get to pose questions for him for a week on either his Facebook or Twitter page. And then, he gets back to them -- a week later.

From a press release out of the Mattox camp:

For an entire week, beginning Monday, June 20, the Mattox campaign will host its initial "Mattox Mayoral Facebook Forum." Phoenix residents who use Facebook simply log onto Claude's Facebook page and post questions for the candidate.  He will then answer those questions the following week.  For anyone not already connected to Claude Mattox on Facebook, they just need to issue a "friend" request, and they will be able to participate.

Most people take advantage of the instantaneous nature of social media, the immediacy with which you can connect with others. It  would almost be faster if would-be voters just snail-mailed the maybe-mayor questions and he mailed back handwritten responses.

But Mattox is also going with some "live town-hall like events on both Facebook and Twitter" in the weeks following his "I'll-get-back-to-you-next-week" forums.

Connect with Mattox at www.mattoxformayor.comfacebook.com/mattox2k or @mattoxformayor on Twitter.  

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Monica Alonzo
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